Insta Pro 2 APK Download v10.60 For Android (Updated 2024)

Insta Pro 2 APK is a variant of SamMod’s finest creation InstaPro in which you are offered all the top-notch service you can expect from the best Instagram modification. It is designed in a way to offer the ultimate experience of the platform with its humongous list of robust features, advanced UI, fast responsiveness, and more. If you’re an extensive user of Instagram, this Insta Pro 2 v10.60 will supercharge it and give you complete freedom, unlock possibilities, and take your user experience to the pedestal.

Highly modified apps like this help a lot in today’s era of technology, it just makes everything seamless. A lot of time and effort is saved because it eliminates the dependency on other things as it is like an all-in-one Instagram app. Meaning, that a lot of times we need to use third-party services for downloading reels, so we look for online IG reel download tools. Also, to protect our chats on Instagram, we rely on a third-party app locker. All these are built in this highly modified Instagram. You can download the InstaPro 2 updated APK directly below.

App NameInsta Pro 2
Latest Version10.60
Package Namecom.instapro2
Android requires5.0 or Up
Last Updated7 April 2024

Version: 10.60 | Size: 75 MB

What is Insta Pro 2?

Insta Pro 2 in other words is a revised version of Instagram but it is not from the Meta, it is made by a third-party developer named SamMods. It was first released in 2019 with the aim to provide a better experience to users of Instagram without plucking the universal feels. Users getting their hands on it for the very first time won’t feel any lack of experience or design because it looks pretty exact. It’s just the upgraded UI and extra features that separate it and make it look supreme.

The possibilities on InstaPro 2 v10.60 are endless and with every new major update, it is getting more robust. Thanks to the dedication of the developer. At the moment, you can have access to the most demanding features like Reels Download Option, View Profile Picture, Copy Bio Text, Hide View Stories, Hide Typing Status in DM, and more. Besides these, you will also see additional changes i.e. when you visit an account, it shows whether the person follows you or not. You can also see the list of accounts that unfollowed you. All these premium features are absolutely free to use in this top-notch Instagram modification.

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How to Download Insta Pro 2 APK and Install It on Android

If you have always chosen Play Store as your go-to store for Android apps then downloading Insta Pro 2 can be complicated. However, SamMods has restrained itself from publishing it on any Android app store due to privacy reasons. So, the only way left to download it from a trusted source is to visit sites like ours.

Just pay attention to the steps we have put down for you and follow them to download the app and properly install it on your Android.

1st Step: Load up Chrome browser if you haven’t already and open it on your Android.

2nd Step: In the address bar, type and press OK. This will redirect you to our site.

Insta Pro 2 APK Download

3rd Step: Scroll down a little until you see the app info.

4th Step: Beneath app info, click on the download (latest) button.

Insta Pro 2 Download

5th Step: Accept the InstaPro 2 APK file to start downloading and wait until it completes.

Insta Pro 2 APK Download

6th Step: After the APK is downloaded, click on it from the downloads. This will launch the installer.

7th Step: If you have never installed this way before, your Android might ask you to enable Unknown sources for Chrome to allow APK installation. Just follow the on-screen instructions, it’s really easy. And then go back.

8th Step: Now, hit the Install button and wait for a few seconds.

Install Insta Pro 2

9th Step: Once installation finishes, press Done to close the installer.

Install Insta Pro 2

10th Step: Now Insta Pro 2 is ready to use on your phone. Done.

So, those were the overall steps to download & install InstaPro 2 APK properly. Now, you can use the normal IG account login details or use the Sign In with Facebook option to get started.

Insta Pro 2 v10.60 Changelog

With every new release, Insta Pro 2 goes through upgrades, enhancements, and fixes that improve the overall experience of the app. Have a look below to know the latest changes in v10.60.

  • [Base Update] 319.
  • [Added] Redownload Notification
  • [Misc] Many More
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash

The Insta Pro 2 latest v10.60 was recently released on April 2024. After updating to this latest version, the app might lag initially for some users but will surely get stable automatically with use.

Insta Pro 2 Features

Insta Pro 2 APK

The most significant part of the Insta Pro 2 APK is it is feature-loaded and has top-notch features in all realms like privacy, security, customization, special features, Developer options, etc. Here we will explain the most impactful one which is kind of important for new users to know how to use. Let’s go.


Insta Pro 2 is majorly known for its privacy features because they are truly useful for every user. Under this head, you will find options like;

  • Hide typing status in DM
  • Enable Anti-Reply image
  • Don’t mark messages as read
  • Hide view Stories
  • Hide listen to Voice Message
  • Enable Anti-Screenshot
  • Live Ghost Mode

Most of these are exactly what they sound like and you just need to toggle on to activate any of them. Make sure you don’t enable all of them at once, this can cause problems. Take 5-minute intervals between activations.

Special Features

This contains a lot of unheard options that will really change things. Under this, you will have;

  • Disable Sponsored Ads
  • Disable shopping items in the search
  • Add Unlimited Accounts
  • Disable stories
  • Recommended friends

These are quite robust features and most of them can significantly change the interface and disable a stock feature completely.

UI Gestures

We all have felt the need for a complete UI revamp in the stock Instagram because it really lacks a lot of important UI features such as a fast-forward option while playing videos. Well, Insta Pro 2 has certain UI gestures that can make the UI of the app a lot better. Here are those;

  • Enable double-tap to like
  • Zoom photos with a long tap
  • Download media on triple-tap
  • Disable swipe to navigate
  • Enable Video fast-forwarding

These are very good features that will help tweak the user interface.

Downloads Settings

One of the best parts of using Insta Pro 2 is that you can at a stroke save any media from Instagram on your phone. Under this head, you can play with more download options like;

  • Download folder (Choose folder to save media)
  • Split downloads by username
  • Enable download notification
  • Chat Download icon (Download media from chats)

Having these options gives you complete control over the download facility of the app.


As the name sounds, under this head, you will find options to enhance a lot of lossy compression in Instagram. For example;

  • Photos in maximum quality
  • Improve Photo Quality
  • Improve Reels Quality
  • Increase stories quality
  • Improve IGTV Quality
  • Change Stories Layout
  • Don’t crop stories
  • Remove black borders in stories

If you upload a lot of reels, photos, and videos on Instagram then these features can help improve the quality.


It contains many different types of additional features to enable to further make the Insta Pro 2 an advanced app. In particular;

  • Enable in-app browser
  • Change App Theme
  • Modify Font Style
  • Modify App Icon
  • Follows You Mark Show/Hide
  • And more.

App Lock

Insta Pro 2 has its own app lock that you can manage from settings. It helps lock the initial screen so other people who you may give your phone, won’t be able to open and read your chats. Under this, you get options such as;

  • Set Pin Code
  • Set Hide Chat Lock
  • Show Chat notifications (even when the app is locked)
  • Set Pin Code Timeout
  • Set background

You can completely customize the app lock option as per your choice utilizing the above options.

Insta Pro 2 Shortcuts

Insta Pro 2 Mini Features

Being an advanced application, it has an adequate amount of mini features or shortcuts in its UI. Knowing them will definitely improve the quality of the user experience. Know the various shortcuts and how you can activate them below.

  • Tap and hold on a profile picture to view/zoom
  • Press and hold on the Home button to access developer options
  • Tap on Bio’s text to copy it to the clipboard
  • Triple-tap on any media to save it on your phone
  • Press on copy to copy contents like caption, comment, etc
  • Tap on gear-con from Header to instantly open Insta Pro 2 settings
  • Tap and hold on the Message icon to enable/disable the Read tick
  • Press and hold on anyone’s story update to mute or View profile without watching the story

All these are by default enabled so you don’t need to turn it on from the settings.


Is Insta Pro 2 Safe?

This question often crosses users’ minds when they first hear about Insta Pro 2. Well, it’s hard to measure that because it is not verified & uploaded on any public App Store. But we can say with confidence that among the Instagram modifications out there, Insta Pro 2 is definitely great when it comes to trust in the developer and the safety of the app overall. It uses the same end-to-end encryption for chats as stock Instagram, data have never been leaked as per news, and it receives security updates regularly.

Can We Use Insta Pro 2 on iOS?

Practically, it is not possible for SamMods to launch the Insta Pro 2 for iOS because then it will require publishing the app on the Apple App Store. Also, even if the developer introduces it for iPhones & iPads and makes it available to download via other means, iOS users will need to jailbreak the phone in order to use the app. iPhone jailbreaking has become an old thing now and a very limited amount of users prefer doing it for many security concerns. So, it really not feasible to use Insta Pro 2 on iOS.

How to Update Insta Pro 2 on Android?

The updating process of Insta Pro 2 is quite unique as compared to updating an app from any app store. You need to follow a manual update process which requires downloading the latest Insta Pro 2 update APK from a valid source and installing it manually on top of the old version. By doing this you will be able to update Insta Pro 2 to the latest version.

How to Use Insta Pro 2 on a PC?

Well, Insta Pro 2 is not available in .exe format so practically we cannot use it on any Windows PC. But if you create an Android environment on your PC then we will be able to use its APK version which is for Android. To pull off the Android environment thing we will need to take the help of an Android emulator like Nox Player, BlueStacks, etc. After installing it on our PC, it creates a virtual Android experience in which we can install any APK and run it flawlessly.

Can we use Instagram and Insta Pro 2 at the same time on Android?

Yes, Insta Pro 2 is well-made for this specific purpose to allow users to manage multiple IG accounts hassle-free. The developer has made this possible by changing the package name to different from the stock Instagram. InstaPro 2’s package name is com.instapro2. While Instagram’s package name is Because of the difference in the package names, the directory gets created separately which results in no conflict running both apps together on a phone.


Using Insta Pro 2 is quite a fun experience especially when you activate its premium features that are not available on the stock version. Without changing a thing and creating any sort of problem, one can run this app and gain the advantages. With this, you will stand a better chance to be anonymous on the platform than a normal Instagram user. You will also have complete control over many things like Ads, privacy, customization, and more. Most importantly, you are not required to pay a single penny for all this premium experience.

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