InstaPro APK Download Latest v10.60 For Android (Apr 2024)

InstaPro emerged as a super upgrade form of Instagram application where anything & everything is possible. Numerous users on the Play Store review the stock app as sloppy, full of ads, lack of new features, etc. What the app used to be a few years ago has completely changed to more revenue-oriented and hooking users for longer into the app by introducing new content and ads instead of relevant content. You probably have experienced that too that the feeds now contain more posts from people that we don’t follow than we do follow.

The ultimate version of Instagram called Insta Pro can help combat all sorts of problems like putting a pause on ads that pop up everywhere, hiding your profile from the story viewed list, revoking the native compression setting when uploading pictures & videos, etc. All the limited experiences will be unlocked to full and on top of that, you will have access to numerous additional features that the stock Instagram doesn’t possess. Now, download the latest InstaPro APK v10.60 for Android. Afterward, we will explain all things Instagram Pro.

App NameInstaPro
Latest Version10.60
Total Downloads10 Million+
Package Namecom.instapro
File size71.4 MB
Root requiredNo
Android requires5.0 or Up
Last Updated7 April 2024

What is Instagram Pro?

InstaPro also called Instagram Pro is a robust application that is known to provide an ultimate Instagram experience. It is inspired by GBInsta which was created by Atnfas Hoak (the developer has shut down the GBInsta project in 2019). It came into the picture in late 2019 by developer SamMods. Since its inception, the app has gained tremendous growth in terms of users because of its incredible additional features. Also, the developer keeps incorporating new features, enhancements, security updates, and bug fixes regularly.

As of now, it already has a good range of robust features in categories like Privacy, Security, Customization, Advanced options, and more. Its user specifically finds its privacy options attractive because it ultimately helps strengthen your privacy so you can use the platform more confidently. One great example of its super privacy option is Hide View Stories. This can allow you to view anyone’s story without revealing yourself. Also, being an advanced version, you can post iOS-like Instagram stories from your Android, Enable a wide option of experimental features to further extend the capabilities, etc.

Moreover, it is capable of allowing users to run multiple IG accounts. You can even have both Instagram and InstaPro installed at the same time on your Android. In fact, the developer has incorporated all the latest Meta’s Instagram settings updates into the newest Instagram Pro v10.60. Therefore, you will have all the options to manage your accounts and their profile data.

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InstaPro Features

InstaPro Features
InstaPro Features

The features list in the app is quite humongous and most of them are extraordinary which you won’t even see available on any top similar social apps like Instagram. It is designed like this to have all these super advanced features. And when you enable most of them, you will feel the true joy of using the platform. Right here, we are going to explain some really impactful features that this app possesses.

  • Chat Screen: This is the first option you will find in the InstaPro settings in which you can tweak the Chat Background color, Set the Image as Wallpaper, Hide the Message Translator, etc.
  • Privacy: In this section, you will actually find quite a lot of super helpful features related to privacy. Pretty much what options sound like, they’re exactly that. Like Enable Anti-Screenshot, Anti-Reply Image, Hide Listen to Voice Messages, Hide Typing Status in DM, Don’t mark messages as read, and Hide View Stories.
  • Enhancement: This menu is all about increasing the capabilities and going beyond what’s possible. Under this, you will find options to enable Photos in max quality, Increase stories quality, Improve IGTV Quality, Improve Reels Quality, Change Stories Layout, Remove black borders in stories, etc.
  • Feed and Stories: It contains further tweaking settings for feeds and stories like Play feed/reels video directly, Play stories always with sound, Start videos directly with sound, etc. You’re allowed to enable or disable any of these as per your personal choice.
  • Special Features: As the name of the menu goes, you will find some really unique options under this, which will push your Instagram experience to the next level. In this, there are options like Disable Sponsored Ads, Disable shopping items in search, Add Unlimited accounts, Disable stories, and more.
  • UI Gestures: The app is also not behind in terms of gestures for quick action or navigation. There are a couple of additional UI gestures that InstaPro allows to enable i.e. Enable double-tap to like, Download Media on triple tap, Enable Video Fast Forwarding, Zoom photos on Long tap, Disable swipe to navigate, and more. The options are pretty much what they sound so it won’t be difficult to understand how each of them makes a difference.
  • App Lock: The best significance of this advanced Instagram is that it also comes with a complete robust App lock. This also destroys the need of having to rely on third-party services to lock your Instagram with private messages. The app lock contains options like Set Pin Code timeout, Set Pin Code, Set Hide Chat Lock, Set background, etc. Also, there is a Show Chats Notifications option that we recommend enabling so you don’t miss out on important chat message arrivals.
  • Downloads Settings: This is another important feature that Instagram Pro is known for. You can simply download any type of content whether it is a reel, video, stories, photos, etc. This option helps further customize the download options like setting a preferred download folder, Split downloads by username in case you are using multiple IG accounts, Enable Download Notification, and more.
  • Miscellaneous: This menu in the InstaPro settings contains many different kinds of features. For example, Select App Icon, Change Font Style, Change App Theme (InstaPro has many different preset themes), Enable In-app Browser, Follows You Mark Show/Hide, Hide Comment Copy Button, and more.
  • Updates: This section allows you to check for new updates and manage automatic update checks. You can disable the auto Update check if you want to from here.
  • Backup And Restore: This is a completely robust feature because it helps backup and restore the whole account, not just the chats. You will need InstaPro to give access to your Android storage to use this.

These are overall the features that you can manage from the InstaPro settings. The stock setting is untouched, you can access them too from your Account>3-Horizontal line>Settings and privacy.

InstaPro v10.60 Changelog

SamMods releases new updates for InstaPro every now and then. Currently, the latest version is 10.60 which contains a bunch of new changes. Here are those.

  • [Base Update] 319.
  • [Added] Redownload Notification
  • [Misc] Many More
  • [Fixed] Many Random Crash

With this new Instagram Pro update, the app is now more stable and has the most recent base update. This update was recently released in April 2024. Also, it is very important to update to version 10.60 from any previous version for the best user experience.

Instagram Pro vs Instagram

Instagram Pro vs Instagram Comparison
Instagram Pro vs Instagram Comparison

Between the stock version and the advanced version, there are numerous differences in terms of UI and features. Also, the stock Instagram provides limitations on certain things while Instagram Pro eliminates those limits. To give you a more clear picture, here’s a head-to-head comparison.

FeaturesInstagramInstagram Pro
Download MediaNoDownload All Types of Content
Built-in App LockNoAvailable
Themes & CustomizationVery littleDownload All Types of Content
Media Upload QualityLow-Med QualitySuper High Quality
Privacy ControlVery little360 Privacy Control & Beyond
Note Type Limit60 Character194 Character
Special FeaturesNone4-5 Special Features
Unfollowed ListNoAvailable
UI GesturesLimitedMany UI Gestures Available
Video & Reels Stream QualityMediumEnhanced with many options like Fast Forwarding
User ExperienceLimitedNo-Limit
Text Copy RestrictionRestrictedCopy Bio Text, Comments, and Caption
Developer OptionDisabledEnabled
Message EncryptionEncryptedEncrypted

We hope the above comparison leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind about which one is better. It is clear that Instagram Pro outperforms stock Instagram in every metric.

Pros and Cons of InstaPro

After looking at the fair comparison table, some of you might be wondering whether there are any cons to using Insta Pro or not. Well, here, we are going to clear that out for you. While there are more positive than negative points, it will be wise to choose by looking at your needs if feeling confused.


  • The privacy options are really helpful for anyone concerned about being anonymous
  • There are a lot of features so you can do most things you want on the platform
  • Enhanced interface with many UI gestures that help in quick navigation
  • Backed by a known developer and support is great. The app is also updated regularly
  • Can be used without removing the stock Instagram from a Phone
  • Users can use their prime IG account without worrying about any Ban issues.


  • The app doesn’t work quite smoothly with certain Android OS.

SamMods being a standalone developer has really done a great job with the Insta Pro APK. It has truly a lot of impactful advantages.

How to Use Insta Pro on a PC

Use InstaPro on PC
Use Insta Pro on a PC

Presently, Insta Pro is working quite fine with the Android operating system and as per the developer, they are solely focusing on that. There are no plans in their roadmap to launch the app for PC specifically. Well, no need to worry if you are interested in using it on your PC (Windows or MacOS). In this modern-tech age, there are solutions for that. We can use software like an Android emulator that helps create an Android-like environment by virtually using certain RAM and storage from your PC.

You can use any popular Android emulator like BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, Android Studio, etc. All these are free to use and preferred the most among others. Here are the steps in case you are not familiar with any of this.

  1. Download the Android Emulator installer you wish i.e. NoxPlayer, BlueStacks.
  2. Launch the installer to download & install the full version. Just follow the simple prompt on the screen.
  3. Once the installation part is finished, launch it.
  4. Now, download the InstaPro APK on your PC.
  5. When the APK is downloaded, you will see that the file is showing the icon of the installed emulator.
  6. Just double-click on the InstaPro APK and it will get installed in the emulator.
  7. Go back to your Emulator and enjoy InstaPro on PC.

The best part is that next-gen Android emulators are super optimized and you get real Android phone-like performance so you likely have no problem at all running the app on PC via an emulator.

Insta Pro FAQs

As a new user, you still might have questions floating in your mind regarding Instagram Pro. Well, you should worry less about that because we have picked those questions and answered them in the simplest manner below.

How to Download Insta Pro Latest Version For Android?

The fact that people ask this specific question is because Insta Pro isn’t available on any App Store. There is a strong reason behind this, the app is still considered a copy despite there being a lot of additional features and work that has been put into making a difference. Nonetheless, you can still download InstaPro APK from trusted resources like us. Here’s how you can pull that off.

  1. Pick up your Android phone and open the Chrome browser.
  2. In the address bar, type and hit Go.
  3. Scroll down a bit until you see the download options.
  4. Click on the InstaPro latest version button to request the APK file.
  5. Within a second, the file will be instantly sent to you.
  6. Just Accept the download request.
  7. Done.

We have provided direct download links to Instagram Pro so you won’t face any kind of hassle.

How to Install InstaPro on Android?

As the downloading has been done from a third-party site, a manual installation process will be required to install the InstaPro APK on your Android. For that, you first need to become eligible by enabling Unknown Sources for Chrome browser and File Manager (Whatever you’re choosing to install from). Also, Play Protect might interfere with the process since we’re installing a third-party app (an app that is not on the Play Store). So, it will be a wise move to temporarily disable the Play Protect scanner. Now, here are the steps.

  1. Click on InstaPro from the Downloads section of Chrome to open the installer.
  2. Hit on Install and wait for 5 seconds. It might take longer depending on your phone.
  3. After the installation completes, tap on done to exit the installer.
  4. Now, close everything from the background activity.
  5. From the App drawer, launch the InstaPro.
  6. Enter your Instagram login details or use Facebook to sign in. Both options work fine.
  7. That’s it. Now you can enjoy the next-level Instagram experience for free.

How to Update the Insta Pro App?

The way to update it is quite different as compared to updating an app from the Play Store. Whenever a new version of Insta Pro is released, you get notified with an in-app notification and that’s it. No direct update from the app is available. To update it, you’ve to download the newest version and install it on top of the old version. This way, the old package will be replaced with the new one.

Is InstaPro Safe to Use?

For new users having this unique experience of ultimate Instagram, you might also think is this legit, or rather is it safe to use? Well, the only path to find that out is to go through a rigorous list of checks. Then you can have a clear answer to the question. So, does InstaPro APK’s latest version have any virus? No, we have scanned the newest APK file using VirusTotal and it said “No security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious”.

InstaPro is Safe
VirusTotal found no flags in InstaPro

Next, is InstaPro end-to-end encrypted? Yes, it is as it uses the default encryptions as Instagram. Next, does the app have the latest security updates? Yes, SamMods is super active when it comes to releasing new updates with base updates and security patches. Next, is it has been found leaking users’ data? No. After going through all the important questions about safety, we can safely say that the app is quite safe to use.

Can we use InstaPro on iPhone?

At the moment, SamMods – the official developer of InstaPro only have released the app for the Android platform. If they ever decide to do so for iOS, the app should be published in the Apple Store which is not possible for several privacy reasons. Also, iPhones have a lot of restrictions and most of its users won’t jailbreak it just for the sake of using Instagram Pro. So, all in all, no we cannot use the app on the iPhone.

Are there similar apps like Insta Pro?

Yes, there are similar Instagram-modified apps available like Insta Pro and one more is from the same Developer which is called Insta Pro 2. It is exactly like the main app, the package name and general name are just unique. Instander and GB Instagram are the other two from different developers. But among all Instagram modifications, Insta Pro stands out.


Instagram Pro is no less than a highly modified application filled with top-notch extraordinary features that help extend the capabilities of Instagram to a whole different level. It provides freedom of privacy and allows us to become as anonymous as possible. Also, it helps take control of the most frustrating part of the platform which is ads. Lately, the ads are getting bombarded everywhere and user experience is becoming worse. Moreover, all the limitations on using features that are placed by default by Meta are removed in Insta Pro so users can freely use the platform.

User experience and UI gestures make it even better and complete it to an overall super upgraded form of Instagram which is also free to use. The developer SamMods actively updates the app with the latest base update (same as Instagram) so users don’t miss out on any upgrades.